Short-Term Rentals Aren’t Just for Summer Vacationers Anymore

Many homeowners looking to list their houses on popular short-term vacation rental sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, and wait for summer to cash in on out-of-town vacationers. And it’s not hard to see why—with nearly 17 million people worldwide who booked their guest stays with Airbnb last summer, that season is definitely rich with opportunities. Vacation rentals and alternative accommodations are more popular than ever.

Summer is long gone, but that doesn’t mean people are no longer looking to book rentals. Travel and vacations are year-round, and with the growing popularity of travelers looking into renting a home versus staying in a hotel, hosts and homeowners should look to capitalize on these post-summer rental possibilities. Here are four ideas consider:


Americans love their sport teams, and they are eager to travel near and far to cheer them on. With pro basketball and MLB spring training in full swing, your place could be just what die-hard fans are looking for as they prepare to experience the big game. Opting to rent a home or apartment would make it more affordable for friends or families to travel together and show their team spirit. Homes and apartments also offer more space, full kitchens and other amenities. To make your property listing more attractive to this group, make sure to highlight availability for key games, proximity to stadiums and venues and even local sports bars and hot spots where visitors can enjoy the game.


From food and wine festivals, to music and sporting events, to marathons and trade shows, chances are your city hosts or is near a crowd-drawing event. Since most of these events are multiday, your home may be a more affordable and attractive option for groups wanting to maximize their experience.


Don’t let the change of seasons dampen your spirits—it can be a great time to rent your place. The U.S. experiences such a range of climates there seems to be an option for just about everyone, especially international travelers. While the colorful fall foliage, your December suntan or budding cherry blossoms may seem ordinary or underwhelming to you, many travelers are looking to rent a home in a location that offers a different seasonal experience from their own. Your rental might just fit the bill.


The end-of-year holidays are the busiest travel time of the year. With people traveling to be with—or take a break from—family, that is always a good time to look at renting out your home. Residences in the country’s most frequently visited cities, like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando, are highly desirable during holiday seasons—whether it’s end-of-year or spring break. However, even if a home is not in these popular cities, they still offer a solid rental option for people visiting their families in cities large or small all across the country.

It turns out summer isn’t the only time for short-term rentals after all. With these ideas, you can learn new ways to list your home and bring in extra money year-round.

  • Rob Stephens

    Rob Stephens is co-founder and general manager of Avalara MyLodgeTax and a finance expert for the rapidly growing short-term lodging marketplace. Stephens co-founded Avalara MyLodgeTax (formerly HotSpot Tax) in 2002 out of his own necessity to understand and manage hotel tax compliance with his rental property. Stephens also speaks regularly at industry events. He has owned and managed his own vacation rental in Vail, Colo., since 1999.

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