Is obtaining a bachelor’s degree in arts worth it? This question bothers many modern-day students since there are several myths associated with college education nowadays. People believe that most job opportunities are reserved for science graduates, making arts education less important. However, that is not true. Today, students with a degree in liberal arts enjoy lucrative career opportunities and can work in the capacity of various job positions.

Considering the wide scope of Arts education, it is important for students to focus on choosing the right major that offers significant prospects for career advancement. However, students willing to enroll themselves in a bachelor’s degree program should opt for remote learning. These digitally accessible degree programs are helpful and may help you save additional costs.

Since a single wrong decision may sabotage your career-building endeavors and harm your employment opportunities, it is important to review some major subjects that students may consider when pursuing a bachelor’s degree in arts.

  1. History

A major in history allows you to understand mankind’s progress throughout the centuries. The subject deals with many cultures and civilizations, including not just Europe but also India, China, and the Middle East. It further enables you to better understand the world, which positively influences your decision-making skills.

So, the postgraduate students with a bachelor of arts in history online degrees can work as a teacher, historian, researcher, or archaeologist. History majors may also find jobs in a library or museum. According to PayScale, students with a bachelor’s degree in history earn an average salary of $67,000 per year.

  1. American Studies

Students can major in American Studies to enjoy various unique employment opportunities. This subject connects American philosophy with the founding fathers’ history. The degree will further let you explore the chronicles of early settlers, the adventures of the nation’s forefathers, and the different cultures that constitute today’s American society. This course will hone your communication skills and enhance your knowledge regarding American/Canadian music & literature.

You can find a well-established career in marketing, consultancies, higher education institutions, the entertainment industry, etc. Interestingly, a student with a bachelor’s degree in American studies earns an average salary of $67,464.

  1. Philosophy

Studying philosophy allows you to know more about mankind’s struggle to understand their existence and the purpose of life. This subject provides a profound analysis of the ancient Greek philosophers, Christian ethics, and post-renaissance western philosophy. A degree in this subject improves your analytical skills while enabling you to adopt an open-minded perspective with a non-dogmatic behavior. Notably, with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, you can work as a teacher, a humanitarian worker, an administrator, or a health service manager, etc. In general, professionals with a degree in philosophy enjoy an average salary of $71,242.

  1. Gender Studies

Women constitute over two-thirds of the world’s literate population but still face discrimination in many sectors. The discipline of gender studies encourages students to understand the concept of “gender” in different cultures. Paired with a sociology or literature minor, this degree brightens your career opportunities in several industries. You can find jobs at learning institutes, HR departments, human rights organizations, or nonprofits working against domestic violence. Since the 90s, the First World countries have been focusing on curbing gender-based inequalities and need experts on this topic.

  1. Mass Communication

Journalism has been a lucrative degree for students wishing to excel at news writing and reporting. A degree in mass communication gives you valuable insights into the history of journalism, ethics, and techniques to produce/broadcast new content. Since there’s no lack of news channels in the United States, you can work as a copywriter, a translator, a researcher, a multimedia specialist, or simply a PR officer. However, in the United States, professionals with a degree in Mass communication can earn a minimum salary of $52,305.

  1. Political Science

Students obtain a degree in political science to understand more about politics and policymaking in the government sector. They also study states’ hunt for power from a domestic and international perspective. With a bachelor’s degree in political science, you may work as a legislator, an administrator, a political analyst, or even an overseas diplomat. Your courses will make you well-versed in political theory and government practices. You’ll also learn about political institutions, public policies, and their societal outcomes. This major generally attracts students who have a strong interest in politics.

  1. English

It is one of the sought-after degrees in the field of arts. A bachelor’s degree in English Literature allows you to develop a thorough knowledge of literary history, criticism, theory, etc. Students pursuing this degree get a chance to develop critical thinking abilities, transferable skills, etc. Perhaps, with a bachelor’s degree in English, you can work as an editor, content manager, communications specialist, etc. Other English graduates may work as freelance writers or simply as college professors. Besides, those who are fluent in speaking English can also work as news broadcasters. Although the pay scale of English graduates varies from one industry to another, most English graduates earn an average salary of $61,314.

  1. International Studies

Long been considered a mere derivative of political science, international studies have now become a separate discipline. Alternatively known as international relations (IR), this major helps you to explore the world’s political structure and how states interact with each other. You’ll identify theories that explain the behavior of states and non-state actors. So, this subject is lucrative enough for students who wish to work at embassies, consulate offices, etc. This subject also encompasses other disciplines such as political geography, political economy, and strategic studies. Hence, an IR degree seems worthy of your consideration.


Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in arts makes several lucrative opportunities accessible to prospective students. In the current times of the global pandemic, students can acquire high-quality education through online platforms to continue pursuing their dreams. Above, we’ve provided detailed information regarding a few major subjects that students may consider when opting for an online degree.

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