Although an increasing number of real estate investors are relying on digital marketing to generate leads for their deals, postcard mailings stand the test of time. Jamie Wooley, founder of W Streets and one of the largest-volume individual wholesalers in the country, still mails them out every month. Wooley made one of her favorite cards available for Think Realty readers, and we have broken down some of the details in this marketing piece that make the messaging on this postcard particularly effective.

“Handwritten” MessagePostcardMarketing Example

This makes the postcard feel more personal and also increases the odds that the recipient will read it. Handwritten notes are a point of greater curiosity than typewritten ones.

Red Ink:

Investors often use red or blue ink on their postcards in order to further emphasize the “handwritten” aspect. Red also attracts attention, pulling the eyes and attention in even if the recipient had not intended to read the materials.

Personalized Information:

The postcard is addressed to the recipient by first name, includes her address to demonstrate the interest in the specific property, identifies the sender, Jamie, and describes in the very first line what Jamie does.

Address Concerns Up Front:

Wooley addresses three major concerns potential leads usually have about selling their properties on the postcard, making it more likely the recipient will call her. She notes that the purchase will be made with cash, that the condition of the home does not matter, and that she will not charge realtor fees or require appraisals or repairs.

Clear Call to Action:

Wooley wants the homeowner to reach out via phone, either by calling or texting. That is the only option she presents on the postcard and states her preference clearly. The word “TEXT” is capitalized, emphasizing that a phone call is not the only option.


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