Many people seek real estate investing for various reasons.

Here are the three major reasons that I’ve come to find why most people quit (or decide to replace) their day jobs with real estate investing:

Reason No 1: Because working for someone else… STINKS

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” –Tony Gaskins

3 reasons to quit your day job and invest in real estateI used to be a laborer on construction sites. From sunup until sundown I’d be sweeping floors, loading dumpsters and clearing construction areas of any debris. I would get abused, bullied and even spit on by the other laborers.
I knew this was no life for me. I’d never truly be happy being “caged” into these 80-hour work weeks. I had goals and dreams to fulfil. I had a burning desire for MORE… and sweeping someone else’s floors wasn’t going to get me there.
Every morning I would see my boss stroll in, dressed in his fitted Italian suits, and leave in his luxury car. I decided that I was tired of spending my time working 80 hours each week – assisting someone else with growing his goals and dreams.

I wanted to start working on my own! I’d always been intrigued by the freedom and possibilities of what real estate had to offer. And thus I began dedicating all of my free time to teaching myself every aspect of passive income and real estate investing.
Within a short amount of time, I developed my first real estate company called “From Sweeping Floors, To Owning Doors.” (haha, any guesses on how I came up with the name?)

Reason No. 2: FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want

Real estate investing and passive income offer true freedom. Freedom to choose your own hours. Freedom to achieve your dreams and reach your goals. The dreams you have for yourself and the goals set in place for your family ARE attainable through this. Retirement goals and future financial security are all in YOUR control and cannot be dictated by some HR department 500 miles away.

Real estate investing offers a freedom of unlimited potential for creating a lifestyle that is completely up to you and your own effort. Like most things, the market has ups and downs, but people will always need a place to live, whether they own the property or rent it out. You know you’ll have real “job security” because you can’t remove a basic need.

Reason No. 3: There is NO LIMIT to how much you can grow

“There is NO LIMIT to what you can do, the only limit is you” – Engelo Rumora

Working a 9-to-5 job limits how much money you can make. Even if you work 24/7 for 365 days out of the year, the set role you have in your job will limit you to a set hourly rate, which will be very difficult to exceed.
Starting your own real estate business or becoming a full-time real estate investor allows you to live life on your terms without limits. For example, you can buy, fix and flip one house per year or 100. You can wholesale five houses per month making a $5,000 profit on each or 20. These results will ultimately come down to your hard work and sacrifice. But truly, there is no limit to your success.

Conclusion: Just do it

“Everything we want is on the other side of fear.” –George Addair

Too often the risk of letting go and the fear of failure hinder great things.
Realistically, only a small percentage of people are able to get past their fears and pursue their dreams on their own.
Don’t let fear stop you from achieving your goals. Embrace the fear and JUST DO IT.

Opportunities in real estate have enabled me and my family so many great things. The very best thing is knowing that the dreams I live each day are a direct result of my work, which no one person or company may ever take away.

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  • Engelo Rumora

    Engelo Rumora, aka “The Real Estate Dingo," is a successful property investor, motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur who quit school at the age of 14 and played professional soccer at 18. He also is a soon-to-be-published author and aspiring host of his own real estate house flipping show. To date—and against huge odds—Engelo has been involved in over 350 real estate deals worth $50 million in transactions along with successfully founding and running five businesses in Ohio. The most prominent of those is List’n Sell Realty, a Toledo-based discount real estate brokerage offering a “first of its kind” referral program in the nation. Visit for more information. You can contact Engelo at or visit

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