As the year winds to a close and lighting begins to take on a bit of a holiday tone, lighting manufacturer Legrand has released its annual lighting product survey. Legrand asked more than 2,200 U.S. adults about their lighting preferences and noted that 1,563 of those surveyed were homeowners. Real estate investors may use this insight to inform lighting decisions to aid faster sales or tenant occupation post-rehab or flip.

Amy Hahne, Legrand’s vice president of marketing in North America, observed that the prevailing trend that the report revealed was that “homeowners appear to see tremendous value in energy-efficiency as well as stylish lighting and power options.” She also noted that Legrand would respond to this trend with an array of options for these energy- and style-savvy lighting buyers at a variety of price points.

Hahne went on to describe some additional “key preferences” that the survey revealed are important to homeowners when they choose lighting products.

Lighting Preference #1: Smart Lights

Homeowners loved the idea of being able to control lighting via an app or web portal. In fact, more than two-thirds named lighting as a “priority smart home feature.”

Cost Breakdown:
Investopedia estimated that the most basic smart lighting system, which allows users to convert existing lighting to smart lighting powered by an app that allows homeowners to turn lights off and on, would cost about $50. A comprehensive system might start around $200.

Lighting Preference #2: Safe Lights

Although prior to the survey most respondents (28 percent) realized that a “tamper resistant outlet” is the most effective way to childproof a home, once Legrand pointed this out, homeowners immediately said that these outlets, which are fully usable but keep little fingers safe, were a top priority. They range in cost from about $0.91 to several dollars per outlet.

Lighting Preference #3: High Style

Four in every five homeowners say that although they like their switches, dimmers, and custom outlets, they believe that their lighting design overall could be “more stylish.” Unfortunately, the same study revealed that nearly half of all homeowners consider stylish lighting to be a home improvement that will be too expensive for them, and three in four say that investing in smart lighting will be too expensive.

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