GREENZONE Properties LLC is a property acquisition, development, and fund management company. Our focus is on obtaining properties zoned for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and/or dispensing; namely those in the Green Zone. Our focus is on creating multi-generational wealth for both our clients and our investors through our Cash NOW, Cash FLOW and Cash LATER system.

From the Blackmarket to the Free Market

There is going to be a vacuum in this emerging sector come 2018. With statewide legalization, the money is already starting to come in. Based off our research, California is projected to do $31 Billion in adult-use cannabis sales in 2018! The opportunity is coming hard and fast.

Our vision within the next five to eight years is to become the largest landholder of Green Zoned properties in the United States. We intend to accomplish this through the acquisition and development of commercial real estate properties that we will sell or lease back to qualified tenants who are already established in the cannabis industry.

“We’re using commercial real estate to get into the cannabis BOOM without getting INTO the cannabis business and build generational wealth before it’s too late!” – Pete Asmus.

We also realize that strength lies in who you surround yourself with. It is only with the help and support of a strong team of investors that we can achieve our goal of becoming the largest Green Zoned property management and development company in the nation. Our CEO, Pete Asmus, truly understands the value of our investors, which is why he created GREENZONE’S 50/50 Fund, focused on our [DLS] System: Develop-Lease-Sell.

The 3 Cs

This system allows investors to do something nobody else is doing, solving the problem we saw in the industry, and providing a real solution that investors want- Cash Now, Cash Flow and Cash Later! The 50/50 Fund is all about the three C’s:

CASH NOW – You get 50% of the profit from the buildings we sell

CASHFLOW – On the buildings we are leasing

CASH LATER- When we sell the free and clear properties in 5-10 years.


Capital Invested: $100K

Cash Now: $95,820 (12-18 months)

Cash Flow: $8,300 (Annually for 8 yrs)

Cash Later: $38,560 (10 yrs later)

Total: $200,780

Initial Investment returned after

development phase [12-18M]

Because of our experience and commitment to success we focus on relationship building. We have already personally invested over $600K into the platform, structure, and project over the last three to four years, and are thoroughly committed to its success. We are not interested in short-term profits where someone is here today and gone tomorrow. Instead we aim to build long-term relationships and partnerships. Together we’re forging mutually beneficial, reliable, trustworthy, and financially prosperous relationships.

We believe in transparency, being clear, and setting realistic expectations. We then do everything in our power to not simply meet your expectations, but to SHATTER them. Want to find out more? Go to or email Pete Asmus CEO, GREENZONE Properties, LLC.

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