Based on a member survey from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), a nonprofit that owns the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show® and represents nearly 14,000 member companies throughout the kitchen and bath industry, homeowners have some distinct preferences about their kitchens in 2017. NKBA identified 10 trends homeowners desire when looking for a new rental or when purchasing a home. Their survey, conducted during August of 2016, received 562 responses from contractors in multiple industries dealing with remodeling and building kitchen and baths across North America.

  1. White and grey are the primary colors the respondents of the survey have chosen as their main go to colors for kitchens. Blue and black are also emerging color choices.
  2. Contemporary kitchens with clean lines. The survey showed built-ins and basic door styles are still coming out ahead of traditional cabinet styles.
  3. Picking up speed are two-tone cabinets. Such as the island being a darker accent color than the other cabinets. Combining materials such as wood, metals and even using different surface materials are trending upward. It’s all about accenting the space.
  4. When it comes to stoves, ovens, microwaves and cooktops; built-in microwaves, induction cooktops and convection ovens are higher on the desirable scale than their stand-alone stove counter parts. Unbelievably, steam ovens still made the list.
  5. Despite wood cabinets still being the most popular, metal cabinets are emerging with younger buyers and specifically male designers.
  6. Universal and accessible kitchen designs are most popular. Many want to use the kitchen as more of a gathering space for guests.
  7. You can’t get away from technology even in your kitchen. Approximately one-third of the survey respondents include pathways and wiring for future tech integration. Their survey also showed an uptick with internet connected appliances and docking stations for portable electronics. “Homeowners want power strips under cabinets to eliminate outlets in the backsplash,” states one NKBA professional, in their press release in January 2017.
  8. When it comes to the actual look of the cabinets, homeowners specified that they wanted “furniture looking pieces,” such as beveled edge cabinets or cabinets with glass insert doors as well as pullout and rollout type pantry style cabinets with trays and drawers. To include under cabinet lighting, LED preferred. Fewer homeowners desire moldings, but said they would like reclaimed or rustic style woods.
  9. Buyers are also raving about barn style or pocket doors for kitchen doors. Pros to such styles include: frees up space compared to standards doors and adds style to any space. Cons: these doors reduce your wall space for art or other wall decor and with pocket doors, you must plan properly and make sure you don’t hang cabinets on the section of wall where the pocket for the pocket door is installed.
  10. Granite is now the second-most-popular countertop material with quartz having an upward movement to the most popular material for countertops.


To ensure the sale or rental of your real estate investment checking on the current trends and preferences will show your clients you know what they are looking for; increasing your chance of and credibility of being a well versed and caring investor.

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