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HomeVestors buys ugly houses. Everybody knows that. But did you know they sell franchises to investors?

Rob Caldwell is a real estate coach and mentor who can help you grow your real estate investing business
Rob Caldwell

Each week I travel across the Southeast, whenever I’m in a different city I like to attend the local real estate investor club meetings. While there, someone will inevitably ask me the following question:

“I don’t understand why a person would pay a franchise to have a real estate investing business. Do these people know that they can be real estate investors without a franchise?”

My answer is short and simple. We have a time-tested brand that was established in 1996. You might not know the name, HomeVestors® of America, but I am sure you’ve seen a billboard or heard of, “We Buy Ugly Houses”? The answer is always, “Yes!”

Well, “We Buy Ugly Houses” is the brand of HomeVestors. And it is literally the key to a hidden city of motivated sellers! It really is as simple as that.

My relationship with the HomeVestors family began back in 2004 as a franchisee.

Today, as a development agent (DA), I help HomeVestors franchisees create and build successful house buying businesses.
There is nothing I enjoy more than working as a coach and mentor for HomeVestors franchisees.

One-on-one training and support is my daily role, and I love it!

Here are some videos from investors who decided a franchise was right for them

The story of two successful real estate investors

But I want you to hear the story of Jim Williams and Karen Rittenhouse, full-time real estate investors for 10 years before joining HomeVestors:

“We started in the good times, survived the market downfall, and climbed back up out of the mess the
banking industry put us all in. We had no one to ask how, what, where, why or when during the worst U.S. economy since the Depression. We struggled, and we survived, only to have no real direction in the post-2008 real estate world.”

Karen continues, “We had two offices, employees and 125 of our own rental properties. We had solid net worth and strong monthly income but we were tired of:

  • Being beaten down by market shifts
  • An industry that was less than respected
  • Recreating areas of the business as needs arose
  • No peer group to relate to
  • Being compared to “bandit-sign investors”
  • No mentors to guide us

“We were successful. We purchased 43 houses the year before buying our franchise. We did not need a franchise – not that we knew at the time.
“So what were the advantages we found?
“After we purchased our franchise here is what happened:

  • We increased our buying business 90% and selling business 100% in the first year.
  • Instead of creating a new process when we ran into an obstacle, we plug into the HomeVestors system and processes that are already created.
  • We got higher quality leads.
  • We got personal coaching, mentoring and training.
  • We were provided simple and understandable solutions to complex real estate problems.
  • Our problems were solved in hours rather than weeks – no more searching for answers on our own.

“We are glad we decided to take on a franchise and we would do it again. We wish we had done it sooner because there is no question we would be further along toward accomplishing our goals.”

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