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What landlords think about the 2014 outlook for profits

Kimberly Smith photoIn our survey, 36% of landords predict that 2014 will be better and more profitable than 2013 – similar to responses in 2012. Only 6.3% of respondents believe that 2014 will be less profitable, down from the 10% who had this outlook in 2012.

According to respondents, the outlook for 2014 is good. In fact, the number of respondents who say the future looks “much better than last year” rose to 16.4%, up more than 4%.

More good news… 36% say they predict that 2014 will be either much better or a little better than 2013 – consistent with 2012 numbers.

Only 6.3% say they believe 2014 will be less profitable – down from 10% of respondents who believed that 2013 would be less profitable.

Those who say they are “not sure” about the future stayed the same.


91% of respondents report that their properties were profitable or breakeven in 2013. Overall, this response has been nearly identical over the last three years.

Successful corporate housing property owners tell us this “By Owner” Corporate Housing Annual Report provides useful industry information, trends and new ideas that allow them to increase the annual returns they get from their rental properties.

If you are new to corporate housing rentals, you may want to know what other corporate housing property owners think about profitability. Great news, 91% of respondents report their properties are profitable or breakeven. In today’s uncertain world of real estate and underwater mortgages, corporate housing may be the best kept real estate secret out there!

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Investment Real Estate Trends.

For the fourth year in a row, there are more “Yes, I plan on buying more real estate” responses (45%) than “No, I’m done with real estate” responses (15%). The biggest variation in this question has been the steady 11% decrease in the “No, I’m done with real estate” responses since 2010.

As the economy stabilizes and the real estate market becomes more predictable, we want to know if property owners see future opportunities in investment real estate… or if they are completely finished with real estate investing.

For the fourth year in a row, there are more “Yes, I plan on buying more real estate” responses (44.7%) than “No, I’m done with real estate” responses (15.4%). The biggest variation in this question over the last four years is the steady decrease in the “No, I’m done” responses. Those responses dropped from 26.8% in 2010 to only 15.4% in 2013.

The “undecided” group continues to hold steady with only a slight decrease this year over the last four years. Watching this trend in future years will help us properly understand the real estate recovery, as well as plan for possible downturns. In previous years, we assumed the undecided would change to their answers to “Yes” as the real estate market improved. However, this number has held consistent, while more “No” responses have changed to “Yes.”

In the past, some economists said they believed there is a correlation between the slow pace of the real estate recovery and people feeling stifled by banks that do not want

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to lend money at low interest rates. With this in mind, we added a question in 2011 to see if people felt hindered by the banks. Today we can confidently say that the banks have less influence on respondents investing in real estate. For the second year in a row, we had exactly the same number of respondents – 3.9% – who will invest when the banks decide to lend.

*Excerpts from the “by Owner” Corporate Housing Annual Report

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