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Update from Think Realty Government Relations Committee

Think Realty believes real estate investors, as housing providers, play a vital role in improving and maintaining homes and communities nationwide.

The goal of the Think Realty Government Relations Committee is to stay on top of key issues that have an impact on real estate investors such as yourself and to be your voice in legislative matters.

Some of the current issues we are aware of and are tackling include:

  • California’s proposal to impose a 25% tax on any sale made within three years of purchase.
  • Eviction moratoriums—and how they impact housing providers.
  • The SEC’s most recent agenda that includes a proposal to redefine what constitutes an accredited investor and guidelines under Reg D private offerings to improve protections for investors.

We invite you to reach out to anyone on the Think Realty Government Relations Committee as you become aware of any local, state, or national legislation that could potentially have an impact on real estate investors.

We also ask you to support the Committee’s efforts by signing petitions and providing personal stories. If we work together as a cohesive real estate investor community, we have a better chance of being heard and making a positive impact in our communities.

Arianne Lemire is a former speech language pathologist turned real estate investor who has rehabbed and wholesaled more than 500 single-family properties. She has ownership in more than 2,000 multifamily rental units in the southeast with partner investors.

Her financial freedom has allowed her to travel several months a year to spend time with friends and family. During her travels, she realized she wanted to share that freedom with others. As a result, she launched WealthGym, a community that helps busy professionals create time and financial freedom so they can retire within a few years.

Lemire spends her free time at her “Ask Arianne” YouTube channel, where she creates free educational videos on money, investing, and real estate to inspire others to achieve financial freedom early. You can reach Arianne at www.wealthgym.com, www.youtube.com/AskArianne, or https://www.instagram.com/theariannelemire.

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