Here are the top 5 real estate investing blogs of 2014 as selected by the users of our website:


The 7 best renovations for your rental properties

7 ways to keep the tenants you already have

Stay on top of fixing the little things if you want to keep your tenants.

Teresa Bitler 10 ways a property manager can save you money

Teresa Bitler blog

The two biggest variables in rental property ownership are dealing with vacancies and how long it takes you or yourproperty manager to re-rent the property. The property must substantially match the prospect’s expectation created by the rental ad. Here are 7 suggestions designed to help the prospective tenant choose your rental.




5 things the real estate gurus never tell you

3 key systems to put in place for your 2015 real estate investments blog by larry arth

Larry Arth blog

“I remember sitting at my desk catching up on some paperwork on a rainy summer afternoon when a gentleman named Patrick walked into my office and said he wanted to learn everything I could share with him about buying real estate investment property,” writes blogger Larry Arth. Read what Larry told him.





My top 7 landlord mistakes

Larry Arth 5 things real estate gurus never tell you...decide if you want to be an active or passive investor“You can learn from other people’s mistakes, so I would like to share mistakes that I have either personally made or have watched investor-clients make,” Larry Arth writes. Click here.





5 principles for real estate wealth building

Larry Arth 5 ways to improve cash flow on your rental property. One side of the fourplex.As you probably heard, over 90 percent of all millionaires made their wealth in whole or in part through real estate investing. The common denominator is that real estate is in their investment portfolio.” Read the 5 principles here





Should you rent to a tenant who uses legal marijuana?

Kimberly Smith blog on 5 things we learned from last year's survey on corporate housing

Kimberly Smith blog


“We landlords have a new headache,” writes Kimberly Smith. Read her blog here.





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