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Think Realty’s New Government Relations Committee Identifies First Key Issue

Eviction moratoriums and how they impact housing providers will be the focus of position paper for legislators.

Welcome to the first Legislative Lookout brought to you by the Government Relations Committee at Think Realty.

Our aim is to provide you with a quick update on what we have been working on, specifically as it relates to issues that impact real estate investors and stakeholders such as yourself. For the past couple of months, we have been growing the committee to better take on issues as they arise.

The committee is comprised of seven initial members, and we will be adding two more. We are each assigned a specific geographic area of the United States to better support our members.

On the legislative front, we have identified the first key issue we will be tackling: eviction moratoriums and how they impact housing providers.

Finally, we have committee support to host our first panel at the next in-person Think Realty event, scheduled for March 24–25 in Houston, Texas. We hope to discuss the various eviction moratoriums further and showcase our plan to develop a position paper that will be shared with legislators who are crafting new laws around this hot topic. If this issue has affected you, this is the place to make your voice heard.

Chris Ragland has managed real estate-related businesses for the past 20 years, including brokerage, disposition, insurance, management, finance, and development.
Although he has exposure to all aspects of real estate, Ragland’s favorite role to play is investment mentor. An active investor and principal in several real estate-related ventures, Ragland continues his mentoring mission through his investment firm Ragland.

In addition to real estate, Ragland serves on several boards for non-profits and is also active in the start-up community in Austin, Texas. He also serves as First Chair of Think Realty’s Government Relations Committee.

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