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The Opportunity in Real Estate Has Never Been Greater


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Today’s real estate market presents powerful investment opportunities for those with entrepreneurial spirit and access to capital.

As many insiders and analysts note, there is a nearly unlimited supply of aged housing and very limited supply of new housing available. This market dynamic creates compelling opportunities for property investors to add value by renovating and re-selling older homes.

In fact, existing single family rental homes are currently a $3 trillion dollar industry, with 13 million new rentals forecasted to be on market by 2030 (, MarketWatch). With millennials, baby boomers and vacationers continuing to choose renting over buying, the demand for rental housing does not appear to be slowing anytime soon.

Opportunities for rental income and price appreciation exist in every market. Those who move quickly are most likely to profit from the most attractive deals.

However, you need access

Many investors need access to capital to get started. Luckily, private lending has made access to capital easier than ever, allowing investors to make all-cash offers and have full control over the terms of their real estate deal.

Private lenders like Angel Oak Prime Bridge evaluate each real estate deal based on the merits of the investment, not on the creditworthiness of the investor. They can lend the capital needed to make a real estate investment in a matter of days, without all the cumbersome documentation required by traditional banks. In just a few days, investors can get access to the cash needed to buy a property with flexible loan terms and competitive rates.

Investor loans from private lenders like Angel Oak Prime Bridge are perfect for the first-time investors, as well as the seasoned investor looking to add to their portfolio.

And the right partner

With a partner like Angel Oak Prime Bridge, investors have the confidence of knowing they are working with a stable, well-capitalized partner who has the experience to give them an edge in even the most competitive real estate markets. Since 2011, Angel Oak Prime Bridge has been on a mission to be the nation’s best investment property lender by delivering loan programs and financing options that are fast, flexible, simple and dependable.

With Angel Oak Prime Bridge, real estate investing has evolved. Are you ready to seize the opportunity?