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The Indispensable Guide to Selling Your Home

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Ready to sell your home? If you’re feeling the pull to put your home up for sale, it helps to know the best strategic moves to be successful. Curious about how to get the best results when it comes to selling your home? Here are key considerations to guide your way forward.

Know Yourself

As tempting as it is to scour sales prices online and imagine what you’ll do with the earnings, take a breath. Start from the inside out so you can have a smooth transaction and come out smiling.

What does this mean? Decide on when you’d like to sell, and how much of a sale price will make you happy. Talk this through with your partner or spouse so you’re both on the same page. If possible, orient your sale to provide the fuel and funds for a shared dream. Perhaps you already know of a house you’d like to buy or an area you’d like to move towards. 

Having these plans in place will help you focus on your goals for the sale. Once you are clear on your goals, timeframe, and next steps, evaluate your best options.

Evaluate Your Best Options

Selling real estate has become increasingly complex and intricate. If you have the brain for complexity, you may be thinking of putting your house up as “for sale by owner.” In some areas, this can be a viable option, but only if you are prepared to deal with all the paperwork and financial contracts.

Some options for selling include trading up or working with a broker to help you list your house. However, most professionals prefer to work with an experienced agent to list their house.

Find an Experienced Agent

An experienced agent helps home sellers with the listing, hosting open houses, and navigating the entire sales process. Many agents work with a team of associates and assistants, so you have people in your court every step of the way. In many states, the real estate agent is paid a commission of the sale, usually up to 6%. 

An experienced agent often has local contacts who can assist with staging, painting, and inspections. Many busy professionals prefer to work with a real estate agent to benefit from their local knowledge, familiarity with the selling process, and peace of mind.

Set the Stage 

Once you’ve clarified your goals and found an agent you trust, it’s time to get your house ready for selling. The term used in real estate circles is “home staging.” This refers to preparing your home to appeal to potential buyers. 

This often helps a property sell faster, and for a higher price. Your goal here is to help potential buyers walk into your house and envision it as their home. To achieve this, think about the persona of your target buyer. 

Envision Your Ideal Buyer

What is your ideal buyer looking for in a home? If you’re in a family-oriented community, the potential buyer may have children. If you’re in an area known for sports activity, the ideal buyer may be devoted to biking, hiking, or running. Focus on what will appeal to your ideal buyer, as this will help you make strategic decisions in home staging.

Keep It Neutral

When staging your home, keep things neutral. This may mean it’s time to paint your neon wall into a comfortable white. Choose light and bright neutral tones for giving the walls a fresh look. 

In addition to painting, take a look around your home. Consider making the master bedroom gender-neutral. Organize the furnishings and decor to have the neutrality of a fine hotel. The idea here is to create a neutral backdrop, so potential buyers can imagine themselves happily in the house.

Remove the Clutter

It’s so much easier to sell your home if you reduce and remove the clutter. Take out boxes, books, personal gear, and papers. The less of your stuff around, the more a buyer can envision the home as theirs.

Take the time to remove clutter and personal photos. If your walls are filled with photos of family and friends, swap these out for a single large piece of art. If your cabinets are stuffed with mementos, pack them up.

Sell the Lifestyle

Savvy realtors will tell you that selling your home is all about selling the lifestyle. If you have an urban condo, emphasize a clean, minimalistic city vibe. If you have a serene home, help buyers imagine relaxing in the spa or snoozing in the backyard.