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Revolutionizing the Assisted Living Industry

Isabelle Guarino-Smith is the chief operating officer of the largest residential assisted living training organization in the country, Residential Assisted Living Academy. In her role, she teaches thousands of real… more
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How Risk Shapes Your Investment Thesis

The past few years have thrown a few curveballs to commercials real estate investors, to say the least. If you’ve kept your eye on the ball, however, you likely have… more
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Determining Your Loan Amount

The exact answer to what your loan amount will be usually is not determined until the lender issues a final loan commitment. Multiple variables can impact the loan amount during… more
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Home Ownership: An American Pipe Dream?

Home ownership is a pillar of American culture. It represents independence, status, and upward mobility. One could even say it’s one of the first steps in achieving the coveted “American… more
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3 Things to Remember in a Volatile Market

Real estate investing has always felt a little risky to people on the outside of the industry. Even occasional industry insiders get in over their heads or invest in a… more
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Real Estate Investing Versus 401(k)

The most commonly accepted retirement plan in the United States today is the 401(k) plan. But have you considered real estate investment as a retirement vehicle? Let’s take a look… more