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When Can You Break a Lease?

Breaking a lease with a tenant should be a last resort for landlords — you might end up defending a lawsuit, and replacing a tenant always costs money. Sometimes, however,… more
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On the Radar: Off-Market Deals

Foreclosures will make headlines in 2021, but real estate investors stockpiling cash in hopes of the Great Recession Part 2 will likely be disappointed. The Fed and Congress have shown… more

Giving Back Through REI

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop in The Lion and the Mouse What a year 2020 was. With COVID-19 creating uncertainty in the housing… more

Reflect and Prepare

Did you predict 2020 would turn out this way? If you had a crystal ball, or at least were prepared for this sort of uncertainty, you probably are in a… more
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Where to Invest?

No country in the world receives more foreign direct investment (FDI) than the United States. In 2019, the USA received $251 billion in FDI, according to United Nations data. The… more

Planning for Growth

If the Coronavirus has taught businesses within the mortgage industry anything, RCN Capital included, it is that they need to be prepared for the worst, and more importantly, the “what… more