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Turnkey Properties, with Nathan Brooks

Nathan Brooks, Bridge Turnkey Investments, is on air with Abhi and brings some great strategy and insight to the turnkey real estate world. He breaks down what turnkey real estate is and has some pieces of advice for the business owner (outside of the real estate realm) who has some extra cash and is interested in turnkey. He explains the type of investors he works with and the tax incentives that come from turnkey.

Do you know how to identify a red flag when you are searching for a turnkey property? Nathan explains to listeners how they can easily spot those red flags. By understanding the turnkey property you would like to work with and understanding how they work, you can make an informed decision. Between buying, renovating and selling, find out how much effort it takes when investing in turnkey.

Based out of Kansas City, Bridge Turnkey Investments and Nathan have a critical eye on the Kansas City market and why it makes sense to invest in that city. They touch on the population and where the numbers are headed and why Kansas City is a suitable market for turnkey investing. Tune in now to hear about all things turnkey!

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