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Think Realty Podcast #110 – John Burns with Real Estate Consulting

If you’re a new investor, you might be considering your best investment strategy. In which case you’ll need access to valuable data and quality education to make informed decisions. On this episode, you’ll get exactly that!

Abhi speaks with experienced real estate consultant John Burns about markets, economic trends, buyer activity, and more! Here is just some of what they’ll cover on this show:

• Southern growth markets are booming.
• Expensive coastal markets are struggling.
• Economy in good shape, despite significant risks from outside the industry.
• Capital flooding into the rental housing industry is driving up home prices.
• Sub 3.6% mortgage rates are unleashing strong demand.
• Near-record home equity should enable strong move-up buyer activity.

Learn how to access reports and data provided by John Burns Real Estate Consulting and find out why 2020 is shaping up to be a stellar year!

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