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The Power Play, with Greg Rand and Abhi Golhar

Our listeners asked and we listened! Abhi and Greg are making big moves with The Power Play and instead of ten minutes a day, they have created a full segment airing every Tuesday, dedicated to insightful and thought-provoking discussion.

Abhi and Greg are kicking things off with a listener favorite — smart people saying dumb things about real estate. Earlier in the year, the concern was home prices were too high and affordability was low. Now, prices are leveling off and people are talking about the market plummeting. Greg warns listeners they should not lack in confidence when it comes to making moves to invest in the housing market.

They also get into the concept of “second cities.” Greg uses Nashville as an example and encourages listeners to look into the “next Nashville” if they are wanting to invest in a similar city. Tune-in to hear which city he recommends.


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