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Short-Term Rentals, with Elizabeth Maora

Elizabeth Maora, with Elizabeth Maora, LLC, is on air with Abhi to talk about the world of short-term rentals. She took her engineering degree and traveled the world, and had been renting out her home. That’s when she realized what she wanted to do with her life! Find out how she knows properties she rents out will be a success.

Short-term rentals are so popular right now and Elizabeth explains why she believes they are more of a trend than the typical hotel experience. They are being accepted by CEOs and CFOs and looked at as more of a leisure with more space and privacy.

Managing short-term rentals can be a challenge, but Elizabeth and her 24/7 team are there to help! They’ve dealt with everything from vandalism to missing trash bags and know how to provide full service along the way. Find out all this and the key insights, the biggest surprises that come with owning a real estate management business. Tune in now!

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