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Real Estate Virtual Assistants, with Bob LaChance

Bob LaChance, CEO of Reva Global, saw a void in the real estate market for virtual assistants (VAs) and saw a need for it. His company offers trained virtual assistants to provide real estate investors with all of their needs like marketing, research and leads. There are so many pieces to being a successful real estate investor and Reval Global offers support so you can fully focus on what you know — investing.

Bob talks about the five steps that he and his team take for success. He goes into detail on each of those steps and how it saves investors time. One of the biggest things his VAs focus on is social media. It’s all about posting and getting connected and finding the right leads. He gets into the data and has investors determine what kind of results they are looking for so they can start to track them in the process — the work the VA does is always tracked.

He and his team have three key strategies they stick to and he gives pieces of advice about growth in your business. He is passionate about building trust and loyalty and he has some resources that he wants to share with others when it comes to building your brand. Tune in now to find out all about VAs and how they can empower your business.

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