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Real Estate Notes, with Bill Mencarow

Bill Mencarow started investing in real estate notes in the early 1980s. Notes are perfect for people who don’t want to deal with tenants and/or the act of landlording, but still seek the passive income real estate has to offer.

Real estate notes, as Bill puts it, are a way of acquiring cash flow without having to deal with tenants. Note investing goes back thousands of years. In our present context, Bill is referring to privately-held real estate notes—not bank-owned notes. In its most basic sense, if you own a note, you become that bank. Rather than the buyer paying a monthly mortgage to the bank, they pay you—the note-holder. And, like a bank, you get an interest rate on top.

Bill and Abhi also discuss the thought process behind investing in notes, how many notes exist today, and where to buy/sell them.

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