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Real Estate Comparables, with Ryan Harper

Ryan Harper, COO of Propelio, is on the show to discuss real estate comparables (comps), and so much more! Make sure the property you are researching is comparable to the other properties in the neighborhood — taking into consideration square feet, upgrades and bedrooms/bathrooms. There is plenty more when you are pulling comps, but you want to get as close as possible of “like to like.”

Learn about the geographic range when going over comps and looking at properties. Just by looking at a map and knowing the neighborhood you can find “dividers” such as major intersections, school districts, bodies of waters etc.

Aside from the geographical data and the comps, Ryan also urges listeners to look at other factors, like employment data; is your property in an area that just laid-off hundreds or thousands of people? Understand your numbers and do your due diligence. Tune in to find out all the “golden nuggets” Ryan has to offer.

To learn more about Ryan and his company, visit today and use the code PROPELIO for 20% off.

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