Think Realty Podcast #164 – An A+ Answer in REI

by , | Oct 13, 2020 | Funding, Podcast, Products & Services

Technology knowledge + lending expertise = what? The answer is: time savings for real estate investors and lenders alike! On this episode, both borrowers and lenders can learn how the right ratio of tech savvy to loan know-how can result in a simpler lending process. Institutional lenders often have mountains of compliance steps to climb, but you CAN navigate capital hurdles a bit easier. Plus, which renovation projects will bring the best ROI on your property? Listen to this episode to find out! For more from well-versed guest, Damon Riehl visit
  • Abhi Golhar

    Abhi Golhar is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, 3x nationally syndicated radio show host on the Wall Street Business Radio Network, and media figure, whose experience encompasses print, podcasting, radio, and television appearances.

  • Damon Riehl

    Damon Riehl, founder and CEO of Investment Property Loan Exchange, has over thirty-five years of lending experience in a broad array of asset classes, including commercial and residential mortgage, small business, and construction lending. He held top leadership positions as head of commercial lending for Ocwen Mortgage, head of unsecured lending for Citibank, global mortgage leader for GE Capital, head of construction products at Fannie Mae and a member of the Harvard Joint Centers for Housing Studies. Damon has built six de novo lending platforms and used that knowledge to build and grow Investment Property Loan Exchange and the FinTech platform,

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