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Opportunity Comes from Chaos

Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd

Many of you have mixed emotions in this uncertain time. The current Coronavirus situation is unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetimes. And while some of you are enthusiastic for positive opportunities, others are concerned and anxious. Regardless of which side of the emotional fence you’re on (and it might change daily), Think Realty and the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) are with you. Opportunity is still great.

History, legends, and religions depict many positive stories and outcomes from seemingly dire situations.

In Greek mythology, Chaos was the void from which the first three gods emerged: Earth (Gaea), the Underworld (Tartarus) and Love (Eros). Without Chaos, there wouldn’t have been Zeus or any of the other mythical titans. The same is true in modern times; positive growth is often the result of unfortunate, chaotic situations.

1933 — As the United States was slowly pulling itself out of the Great Depression, restaurant owner Ruth Wakefield invented what has become one of the most popular cookies in the world: Toll House Cookies.

1975 — The country’s economic condition was mired with a combination of rising unemployment, inflation, and stagnant GDP. Doesn’t sound like a great time to start a business, but Bill Gates started Microsoft that year.

1980 — Remember the term “double dip” recession? The two downturns spurred an upturn for Ted Turner when he started the country’s first 24-hour news channel, CNN.

As members of the real estate investing community, 2008 is still fresh in many of your minds. From that Great Recession, in which 10 million people lost their homes, came the greatest housing boom in history.

According to The Wall Street Journal, 7.4 million jobs have already been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. CNBC predicts up to 24.7 million jobs could be affected by the time this runs its course. IF that happens, the downturn could spawn and surpass the once-greatest housing boom in our nation’s history.

Times of chaos present opportunity. Not all is lost. Deals will still happen.

“We are in the middle of the greatest opportunity when it comes to investing,” said Think Realty and AAPL owner Eddie Wilson. “Lenders want to lend. They want to deploy capital.”

Remember what history tells us. Recessions can bring the brightest ideas. Chaos and uncertainty can create a need to be fulfilled. You, as real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners can fill that need, and can capitalize from it.

Think Realty and AAPL are here for you, whether you need a trusted resource for your business, or positivity in uncertain times.

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