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Investor Spotlight: Mark Filler of Apex National Real Estate

Keeping His Eyes on Some Really Big Prizes.

Mark Filler, founder and CEO of Apex National Real Estate, has already hit some pretty big milestones in his career. After 20 years in the mortgage business and founding (then selling) multiple national companies, the Harvard law school grad and business partner Chris Shaxted, who has 25,000 new construction homes and 500 flips under his belt, most recently created their current company, Apex National Real Estate, with the goal of being “the largest home flipper in the Midwest within one year.”

“Chris brings a huge advantage to the business thanks to 30 years of experience running his own boutique real estate brokerage, which focuses on distressed properties,” Filler noted.

Think Realty Magazine sat down with Filler to talk about his big goals.

Think Realty Magazine: You have a really impressive track record. Can you sum it up for us?

Mark Filler: I’ve been in the mortgage business for 20 years, and my most recent venture was Jordan Capital Finance. I named that company after my son and started it from scratch as its CEO and founder. In just four years, we built it to a top-three national rehab lender, then sold it to a Blackstone subsidiary in 2017. The business was merged with B2R, another Blackstone lender. We had 2,000 clients.

My other three mortgage businesses originated approximately $150 billion in mortgage loans. There was Prism Mortgage Company, where I was a co-founder, that went from no employees to 2,500 employees before we did an IPO, took the company public, then sold to the Royal Bank of Canada. At the beginning of the recession, I founded Prospect Mortgage, which grew to one of the five largest independent retail mortgage companies in the U.S. I’ve also co-founded a litigation finance business, Oasis Legal, and today that company is the largest in the industry.

In total, companies I have started employed 5,000 people, which I love because it is awesome to see employees and families prosper.

TRM: Family plays a big role for you, doesn’t it?

MF: Absolutely. Personally, my kids are what I am most proud of. Professionally, my company’s favorite kind of deal is the kind where we can renovate a property to create a great house for a family and create value for ourselves. Community is also really important, which is why I started a philanthropic foundation to fight substance abuse. We raise money and put it toward great causes like founding a program and funding a facility to help adolescents dealing with this issue.

TRM: Tell us a little more about your latest project.

MF: My new business, Apex National Real Estate, focuses on buying and rehabbing properties in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We expect to be the largest home-flipper in the Midwest within a year, and we are just waiting for a market downturn before we start buying rental properties as well. The company is all about quality, transparency, integrity, and relatively conservative investing.

Mark Filler is the CEO of Apex National Real Estate. Learn more at or email Mark at