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Building Your Brand


Contemporary content marketing styles you might not be using to the fullest.

Content marketing continues to evolve, with different styles falling in and out of fashion. A modern business needs to be willing to adapt and find new channels of promotion. As branding and marketing messages can be altered to suit a particular style, you never need to feel limited in your output. There are, however, some content marketing styles that are working well right now but are being ignored by many brands. So, what types of content should you be working on right now to build your real estate business?

Micro-Influencer Collaborations

Influencer marketing lets businesses reach target audiences on social media, but it avoids many of the issues that consumers have with standard advertising. Influencers already have an engaged audience, allowing brands to generate social proof from a collaboration. Influencer marketing, though, has become very competitive, with engagement rates often proving low for popular influencers.

An excellent way around the problem is to work with several micro-influencers. These influencers might have fewer followers, but they are usually better targeted to your audience, and engagement rates are higher. There are many tools online where you can uncover potential partners that suit your brand identity and offer the best ability to create a win-win partnership.

Live Video

Video has been an important part of marketing for a while, but less attention has been focused on live video. The major social platforms have embraced live streaming, with content creators able to develop quick videos that aren’t as contrived or crafted. Consumers like the ability to watch live content, ask questions, and interact with people. For a business, any live event, product launch, or even an interesting day in the office could provide an opportunity to interact with followers.


Webinars are not a new concept, but they still work exceptionally well. There is some work required to create a quality webinar, meaning that many businesses will avoid the hassle. If you can create a webinar that consumers find valuable, you can develop an evergreen content marketing funnel that builds long-term loyalty. Webinars give you time and space to communicate substantially, so use the medium to reach people on different levels. You can introduce yourself and your business, build rapport, teach some useful knowledge that draws viewers in, and then promote your product or service.

Podcast Interviews

Being heard in an audio format is an incredible method to gain more exposure and traction. Setting up your own podcast takes only minutes and can put you in a league of your own depending on content, including but not limited to interviews with industry experts, case studies, and, most importantly, your shining personality. The key to remember here is, use your talents and communicate your content in such a way that allows for maximum relatability with your audience and offers them a specific call to action at the end of every episode.

Here’s a quick framework on how you can create a podcast and get it running right away:

Step 1: Buy Your Equipment

It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just needs to get you 90 percent of the way there. A quick search on Amazon for a microphone, headphones, and editing software should run you less than $150.

Step 2: Podcast Details and Outline

This is where you’ll brainstorm the name of your podcast, your audience, and create a sample outline. Gone are the days of hour-long interviews. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Step 3: Upload

Now that you’ve created your first podcast, upload it to all your favorite platforms! There are many services out there, but the pros use Libsyn.

FAQ Pages and Voice Search

An FAQ page is often additional support to prospects and buyers. Common questions that people have before and after buying can be answered succinctly. However, a good FAQ page can be used within content marketing campaigns to reach curious people in the niche. It is common for people to ask questions when tracking down information, often using a voice assistant and Google. Creating a quality FAQ page can ensure you rank for many of these queries, providing valuable help to searchers. You can use a tool like AnswerThePublic to find the questions being asked, and then craft insightful answers that will appeal to Google and to your visitors.

Content marketing is not going away, so it is important to use it to grow your real estate business. Quality content will usually be the first introduction to a business, and the sales process becomes easier when you have made a good first impression. The type of content you use, though, will determine the results you get. Adding these content styles to your existing marketing plan will ensure your marketing stays fresh and reaches the people who might not respond to traditional advertising.