Rising Rents, Stagnant Wages, & the Burden of Unstable Housing

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While homelessness may not be viewed as a looming issue on the horizon for those who are financially stable, or otherwise have secure and stable housing—it’s not as distant as some might think. With rents rising faster than wages, the burden of affording rent is looming larger and larger for ...
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8 Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

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Looking for the newest trends in kitchen design? Look no further! Those Shaker-style cabinets should be the first thing to go, and you’ll probably want to give the dramatic paint trend a try. Here are some trends professional designers say we’ll be seeing a lot of. 1| Clean Lines “We ...
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17 Clarifying Home Definitions

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What is a mansion compared to a McMansion, or a manufactured home versus a prefab home? These home definitions clear up any confusion. There are so many types of homes and houses, and some can be easily confused. Let’s take a look at definitions of homes that are often mixed ...
Homes in Minority Neighborhoods Twice as Likely to be Underwater

Homes in Minority Neighborhoods Twice as Likely to be Underwater

A new analysis shows different effects of negative equity on racial groups in the United States. The Zillow analysis shows 20 percent of homeowners in predominately African American communities were underwater in Q3 2016, nearly double the national rate of 10.9 percent. In half of the largest U.S. metros, homeowners ...
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More than 1 in 10 Homeowners Still Underwater, Zillow Figures Show

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Both urban and suburban communities have a significant share of homeowners in negative equity five years into the recovery, according to the second quarter Zillow® Negative Equity Report. In a press release, Zillow said 13.7 percent of homeowners in urban regions and 11.2 percent of homeowners in suburban regions across ...