Rick Abell

  • Rick Abell has been involved in the insurance sector for over 20 years. As the President of Affinity Loss Prevention Services (ALPS) he helps investors, property managers and tenants prevent avoidable losses. Rick also provides risk management and data analysis for many entities within the Affinity Enterprise Group umbrella. When Rick is not in the office, you may find him enjoying a game of golf or taking in some good professional baseball or football. www.affinitylps.com

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A Safe and Successful 2019 Starts with Smart Planning

| Article | Operations
Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! We hope you made it to the New Year unscathed. Traditionally, many take a little time around the end of the year to reflect on the past 12 months and review what goals were achieved and those that weren’t met so that the ...

Reduce Your Risk of Mold After a Flood

With parts of the country receiving large amounts of rain in a short period of time causing flash flooding we thought we’d share some tips from our friends at Green Home Solutions on how to reduce the risk of mold after a flooding event. Reduce Your Risk Step 1| Remove Water Remove ...
10 Item Checklist for Pre-Winter Maintenance

10 Item Checklist for Pre-Winter Maintenance

This easy to use checklist created by Think Realty’s sister company Affinity Loss Prevention Services, is a great way for you to get your properties prepared for the upcoming winter. 1| Inspect the Roof, Soffits, and Fascia Boards ☐ Using binoculars is a safe alternative to climbing a ladder. ☐ Check for ...
Thwarting Break-Ins

Thwarting Break-Ins

| Article | Asset Protection
When we look at claims information we see that many of the properties subject to break-ins, thefts and vandalism are usually vacant or going through renovations to prepare them for sale or the next tenant. I’m sure it’s truly disappointing to arrive to show a house that was finished only ...