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  • Kristine Gentry, Ph.D., is the VP of Innovation at US Probate Leads, which offers probate leads to investors and realtors for counties throughout the country. Learn more at or contact her at

5 Tips for Growing Your Leads List

5 Tips for Growing Your Leads List

“How to I find property?” This is the number one question from real estate agents and real estate investors. To find property, you should build a diverse leads list and continually reach out to them. If you do not have a continuous supply of new leads coming to you, and ...

Real Estate and a Recession

Most people have heard talk of an impending recession for a while now. Fear of a recession often makes investors wary of taking on new investments. The uncertainty can make investors more hesitant than normal. However, the savvy and experienced investor looks at a recession as a potential to purchase ...

Look to Probate

Many real estate investors are looking for properties that can be renovated for a profit. Finding the right property at the right price in a condition that can be easily updated can be a real challenge. However, if you can find the right property, money can be made in renovating ...

When You Can’t Find Real Estate Leads, Look to Probate!

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Sponsored content provided by U.S. Probate Leads The real estate industry is changing. With more and more competition in the marketplace, challenges in getting a loan, and cautious homeowners staying put, it can be difficult to find property that you might be interested in purchasing for your real estate portfolio ...
Tips for Starting a Probate Lead Business

Tips for Starting a Probate Lead Business

| Article | Lead Generation
Most investors are continually looking for ways to grow their business, but many real estate investors are missing out on a great source to find motivated sellers: probate leads. As a refresher, probate leads are potential seller clients who inherit properties. Typically, they want to sell quickly after traversing the ...
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Probate Properties are a Growing Opportunity for Investors

*Sponsored Content A common concern among residential real estate investors is that there are too many people working the same leads. We frequently hear investors say they are having a hard time finding properties that are good for investing. The number of probate leads available each month, however, continues to ...