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Real Estate Syndications Gain Momentum in 2018

These past few years, real estate media headlines have been filled with two words likely familiar to most investors: “syndication” and its cousin, “crowdfunding.” While syndications have been around for… more
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Coinbase Victory for BitCoin Users

Digital currency marketplace, Coinbase, is celebrating a partial victory in its fight to keep Uncle Sam out of customer accounts. A broad ranging request for user account information has been… more
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Home Flipping Profits Decrease

If you are a home flipper, you may be finding that your profits are shrinking. The latest Home Flipping Report from ATTOM Data Solutions shows a decrease in returns to… more
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Denver’s Green Roof Initiative

It was a hotly contested ballot initiative in Denver, but environmentalists won their battle for “green rooftops” in the last election. The Green Roof Initiative passed with 54 percent of… more
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5 REI Biases that can Destroy Wealth

What if investors’ brains are wired to make the wrong decisions in real estate? A new research paper released by Fidelity International indicates we could be the victims of our… more