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Back to Basics in 2021

In late March of 2020, the real estate industry collectively appeared to be heading straight off a deep cliff of Grand Canyon proportions as the widespread fallout connected with the… more
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Women to Watch: Melissa Hamaker

Melissa Hamaker spent many years in commercial insurance before shifting to a career in real estate five years ago. As a busy mom she realized she needed a change from… more
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Women to Watch: Tamara Day

For 20 years, Tamara Day has been buying, flipping, and renting out real estate. Her company Growing Days does full renovations on everything from residential to commercial properties and owns… more
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Presidents’ Circle

Husband-wife real estate investing team Bruce and Stephanie Petersen decided to join the Think Realty Presidents’ Circle to surround themselves with other driven professionals to collaborate with and lean on… more
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Women to Watch: Arianne Lemire

Born in the Philippines, Arianne Lemire used to dream of making $5.00 an hour. Now, after amassing wealth from investing in real estate, she is educating others on how to… more
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Women to Watch: Chantelle Owens

Chantelle Owens is a buy and hold investor who acquires property solely through tax lien investing. The real estate seed was planted early in Owens’ life, when at 17 years… more