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The Rookie Investor

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Glutton for Punishment or Naive DIY’er?

Abby Tillman and her husband chronicled their first foray into real estate investing, buying a rental property, in Think Realty’s “Rookie Investor” blog series. The following article is excerpted from… more
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Storm Damage Hits Home

When my husband Lucas and I decided to take the leap into real estate investing, it was with the reassurance that Lucas is handy, motivated, reliable and a true “do-it-yourselfer.”… more
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One Renovation Complete

Last you heard from me, I was flying high—like, serious cloud-nine status. My husband Lucas and I had just finished flipping our very first investment property; we had our renters… more
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Renovation Success: No Longer a Rookie

Exactly two months after we closed on our rental property, Lucas and I completed our renovation and welcomed our renters into their new home. I felt emotional that day because… more
Insight Weekend Investor

3 Tips for Landing the Perfect Renter

One of the scariest parts of flipping a rental property is wondering whether or not you’ll find a good renter. Thankfully, I got great advice on this topic while attending… more