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Augmented Reality in Construction

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technological innovation that includes virtual elements in a real environment and now this technology is revolutionizing many industries, including construction and real estate. AR technology is making it possible to facilitate many processes in this industry while increasing the accuracy, efficiency, and management of work tasks. AR makes it possible to overlap digital elements in the physical world, which is one of the many reasons this technology is easily accepted by the construction industry. Especially for the construction industry, AR technology provides many benefits from cooperation, design, to safety.

Given that the construction industry also has its challenges, the way to successfully overcome them is to encourage the workforce to approve these technological innovations and integrate them into operating processes as a way to successfully complete many tasks. So let’s take a look at how AR shows its effectiveness in helping to solve many of the challenges this industry often faces.

Project Planning

The impact of AR technology is showing a major impact on the transformation of the design and planning process. Thanks to 3D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM) companies now have the opportunity to present the final model of the buildings in which they are working. All this can be done on a very detailed level based on customer requirements. Even customers based on the models offered to them are able to make changes based on their preferences. All this makes it possible to create a more collaborative environment, allowing both parties to contribute to the perfection of project planning before work begins. AR technology can not only result in higher customer satisfaction but project management is significantly facilitated.

Safety Training

In the construction industry, safety is an issue that concerns all managers of companies operating in this field. Thanks to AR smart glasses that now are widely used as a safety tool, workers are able to work hands-free and not be distracted while receiving the right instructions from experts. This creates the opportunity to eliminate the need for costly training that requires a lot of time and is quite risky if it involves an inexperienced worker. Thanks to the integration of AR Remote Assistance in AR smart glasses, the workforce is now undergoing training that includes many innovations making the information obtained easily conceivable. Through this technology, while always maintaining a safe environment we now have a workforce with the right expertise.

Detailed Inspection

In this industry, as in any other, the inspection process has its own importance as well. This process is quite costly because it requires the sending of an inspector to the site. Now through AR Remote Assistance, this process is significantly facilitated because the inspectors through real-time connections with the site workers can see exactly what is happening, and inspect in detail every work process or even machinery. At the same time, the inspector has the opportunity to take photos virtually, make annotations on them, and document them for later purposes. This whole process helps construction companies save time, reduce costs, and at the same time improve safety.

Greater Engagement and Team Collaboration

In addition to faster and more efficient training of the workforce already through AR collaboration, work productivity also increases significantly. This technology brings to the same table the site workers, experts as well as project managers to work towards common goals. AR Remote Support enables them to collaborate in real-time and share issues that may concern them, thus finding the fastest possible solutions. AR allows both experts and project managers to visit the site virtually whenever necessary and make appropriate inspections to resolve problems that may be encountered at work. Also, the whole collaboration session can be archived creating the opportunity so as to form a database with different information on how problems encountered before can be solved.

Measuring Accurately

Another benefit that comes to this sector is the physical measurement between two points in the real environment. Through this technology, smart device users are able to measure the distance between two or more points they want. This brings great relief to site employees who are often forced to make these measurements without wasting time. All this makes it possible for the determination of measurements to be more accurate, efficient, and performed in a faster time.

With the many situations that have gripped the reality of today in which we live it is quite important to understand that the process towards digitalization of operating processes in many industries has already begun.

Considering the many advantages that the use of AR has brought to the construction industry, it should be taken as a further impetus for the future, for even more promising situations that this technology will be able to find application for services and safer and more efficient benefits.