Thanks to your smart investing, you’ve passed the point of what you can manage by yourself.

You’ve officially become someone’s boss! But remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Think Realty supplier, Resourcing Edge, provides a long-term strategy to control costs, reduce risks, and better manage payroll, human resources, employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance.

Here are three ways Resourcing Edge will help manage your business so you can focus on growing it.

Payroll Administration

By outsourcing your payroll administration, you now save time tracking timesheets, managing paid-time off, sick time, appropriately handling overtime pay, tax deductions and much more. With innovative technology, employees will be able to access their own pay stubs, look at tax information, benefits, and make changes to their personal information from any mobile device.

Fortune 100 Benefits without the Fortune 100 Cost

Through Resourcing Edge you’ll have access to a full suite of premium benefit packages that are typically found in America’s largest companies, including 401(k). Business owners as small as one employee can take advantage of massive nationwide buying power, which provides savings more significant than on the open market. Resourcing Edge will handle all of the administration and payroll deductions associated with their plans, streamlining your business and keeping your team healthy.

Transfer of Liability

Clients that take advantage of relationships like these are able to save countless administrative hours a week and focus on the real reason they got in business: to fuel growth. But one of the often-overlooked benefits is the transfer of liability. In the eyes of the IRS and other agencies, Resourcing Edge has the target on their back, not yours. Almost all things that are related to compliance from an employer standpoint, you are now protected against.

By outsourcing your human resources and the life cycle of your employees, you are able to significantly reduce the risk of being an employer, and save time to focus on growing your business. Studies show that businesses in relationships with firms like Resourcing Edge grow 7 to 9 percent faster on average, experience fewer turnovers, and reduce their chance of failure by upwards of 50 percent.

Think Realty members receive 50% off of employer services through Resourcing Edge. Sign up here (for free!) and get started today!

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  • Collin Curbo

    Collin Curbo is the Sr. Agency Development Manager at Resourcing Edge, a national CPEO and leader in Human Capital Consulting. Learn more at or contact him at 254-212-4148.

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