Real estate investors stand to gain so much by leveraging social media; you might even say it’s necessary to have an online presence

These days people start searching for homes online, and if you concentrate all your efforts on traditional means such as newspapers, you risk losing out on prospective tenants. 

This article covers how landlords can use social media to reduce vacancies in their rental units. 

  • Create targeted ads

One of the most significant advantages of social media ads is that it puts you right in front of your target audience. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram that collect lots of information on their users are great for reaching interested tenants. Leverage these spaces to put your content within reach of people who have started looking for a place to rent. 

Your ad should include relevant information about your rental property like location, amenities, and the price if you’re comfortable with it. 

Keep factors like your budget and the number of vacancies in mind when deciding between an organic or a paid ad. They both have their strong suits, and when paired with great content, can produce excellent results. 

  • Leverage media 

Most social media platforms allow users to add visual media to enhance the experience. Capitalize on people being moved by what they see to make your ads more appealing to the general public. We can’t discuss rental marketing strategies without mentioning the leverage you add by using quality photos and videos. Even if you have a good phone camera, you can still contract a photographer or videographer to give it a more professional look. 

Using this medium allows you to engage with your audience in a fun and interactive way. Don’t be shy of the camera either; putting your face forward creates a sense of trust and increases the likelihood people will reach out to you. 

You could also jump on trends your target demographic is following to make your content more engaging. But don’t get lost in the fun and forget your primary goal. Your posts should be as informational as they are entertaining. 

  • Use the right hashtags

There are millions of posts on social media each day, and while quality content stands out, yours can still easily get lost in the crowd. Hashtags offer a great solution to this visibility problem. 

When you attach real estate hashtags to your content, people that begin their home search online can quickly discover your content and jump on your page if they like what they see. While you’re at it, generic hashtags like #rentalvacancy can get you some traction, but the more specific you are, the better. Add details like the type of unit, the location, and your brand. If you’re not sure you’re getting it right, you could use hashtag generator tools for a more optimized result. 

The magic of hashtags also works both ways because interested tenants also attach them to their posts so relevant businesses can find them. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to advertise your vacancies under such posts for others to see. 

  • Build a consistent presence 

Social media marketing is an ongoing process, and you constantly need to update your audience on what you can offer them. This point is especially true for landlords with multiple properties and more vacancies. It would be best if you established yourself as the go-to for a place to rent. 

You don’t have to limit your posts to advertise your vacancy. There are different stages of the leasing process you could keep your audience updated on. For instance, you could simplify the process with an infographic, do a live feed, or talk about what other prospective clients loved at your open house. Let your creative juices flow. 

  • Add testimonials 

You’ll be surprised how many of your current residents would be willing to say a positive word or two about their experience. Yes, it’s nice to talk about what you can offer. But there’s a sense of trust that comes with hearing the same thing from someone else that understands your struggles. 

Capitalize on that by asking your tenants if they would be willing to put down a few words, stand in a photo, or record a video about what they love about their home. Your prospective renters will consider it an endorsement from one house searcher to another. 


There are many ways social media marketing can benefit your business and help you fill up your vacancies. But with so many platforms, it can get pretty hectic to manage it all. Rather than spread yourself too thin or waste several hours trying to figure it out, you could hire a professional to help with marketing and start signing new tenants’ leases quicker. 


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