Real estate marketing is a tough industry. Competition is high and face to face meetings are becoming rare. The internet changed the face of the market when it came to real estate. Instead of starting a search by visiting a real estate agent’s office in person, most clients begin their search online—scouring the hundreds of thousands of listings alone. Perks, and details can be overlooked, properties can be skipped. Drones and high quality images are now at the heart of buyers experience.

Making a Listing Stand Out is Vital

In recent years, a new tool has become available to real estate agents who want to bring their listings to the forefront of the internet—drones.

Drones allow real estate agents to sharpen their listings with the use of dramatic drone photography and video tours. These incredible, breathtaking shots have been said to show huge dividends on the tail end of the process.

In fact, many real estate professionals are citing drones as one of the most important new technologies to enter the market since the arrival of the internet.

Why are Drones So Important?

When it comes to the internet, it is easy for a listing to get lost in the shuffle. If the listing involves fuzzy, hard to see pictures, it’s even more likely it’s going to just get passed over. Drones give a listing a “wow” factor—with sweeping shots of landscapes, fly-arounds of the property, and overhead views. These unique camera angles make the listing pop, allowing it to stand out from the crowd of average listings.

How Are Drones Being Used?

There are many different ways a real estate agent can use drones in marketing a property. Aside from incredible photography angles, which were unavailable with a regular hand-held camera. Drones have opened up an entirely new door in the video category.

Using a drone allows an agent to create fluid, whole-house video tours in ultra HD. This permits clients to see the entire home prior to arranging a walk-through, giving them a better idea of their interest level in the property. These professional, stunning video tours also help to give the listing a sense of urgency—clients will feel they need to call on the property faster as it will appear more likely to be in high demand.

Drones provide clients with an overhead view of the property that is crystal clear. In the past, aerial shots were usually grainy, pulled from satellite image hosts such as Google Earth. Today, aerial shots are clear and expansive—giving clients the opportunity to see the property in its entirety and get a realistic feel for the layout.

There is a belief that, in real estate, an agent isn’t just selling a home… he is selling an entire lifestyle. This means that the client needs to “feel” the house, to understand ambiance and the environment. Standard ground photography won’t allow that emotion to be captured in its whole. Utilizing a drone will not only allow an agent to portray this sensation, but it will help snag a client’s attention from the rest of the pack hovering on the internet.

This article was originally published on June 23, 2017 by Strategy Properties. Click here for the original article.

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