If you’ve ever remodeled a kitchen, you know the pain — and steep cost — of replacing a backsplash.

One St. Louis company, however, hopes to make a new backsplash as simple as painting it onto your wall, simplifying the process to a few hours. Established in 2006, Giani was founded with the focus to help homeowners enhance their DIY skills, including a variety of products to enhance brick, garages, furniture and countertops.

Its backsplash product, the Giani Subway Tile, is made with crushed stone and about three times thicker than typical house paint. But rather than spending upwards of 15 hours installing tile, Giani’s backsplash allows users to install the swanky new kitchen feature in about three hours, the company said. And at $50 a kit, it’s also a remarkably less expensive option than real tile.

Giani Subway Tile is a brush and roll-on application for such surfaces as drywall, plaster, concrete, wood, composite surfaces and painted metals. Each kit comes with all the tools you need and covers 30 square feet of backsplash area.

“Designed to add interest, depth and durability to the most central space in your home, Giani Subway Tile draws all of the benefits of this historic and storied material, without the need for specialized tools, without the difficulty of installation and at a fraction of the cost,” the company says. “Giani Subway Tile mimics the same characteristics of the ever popular material found in kitchen backsplashes. Its sleek, streamlined appearance blends into any surrounding, making it the perfect compliment for a broad spectrum of classic, modern and eclectic decor.”

Check out the installation process below.


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