Tips for Investing in A Sunshine Home For the Winter  

If the cold winter months are starting to get you down, you can invest in a sunshine home, a place you can go to on vacation for the duration of the cold winter months and even potentially rent out when you aren't there. Buying a vacation home or a sunshine home for the winter is becoming increasingly common. If you follow these tips you will be well on your way to finding the perfect place.

Getting the Perfect Place

So many people are told that they can become a realtor after they get their license and then sign up for the company. To them it is easy, but on the receiving end it's a little more frustrating when you are trying to find the perfect property or house and it is listed with a company. Why is this a problem?  Because Realtors who work for a large company or not necessarily personally invested in that property. In fact, they might know little about it if anything. Companies like that simply have multiple listings they offer and whichever realtor is available will show you around the property and give you the one sheet.    

  • What if you have questions?

  • What if you want to know about the history of certain structural changes?

  • What if you want to know about the addition that they are in the middle of finishing and how it can influence the total cost?

  • What if you have questions about the different seasons and how natural events during those seasons impact the property especially when it comes to things like drainage? 

They probably don't have answers.

sunshine home  

All they will end up telling you is that they can find out, but finding out is it really something they're committed to doing if they don't believe that you are one hundred percent ready to buy the property right now because, after all, investigative research on their behalf for a property that anyone in their company could sell or that anyone from a multitude of companies in the area could cell is not going to guarantee a commission for them.  So why should you work with one realtor? Because instead of just looking at properties and contacting whoever is in charge, if you work with one realtor directly you can inform them as to what it is you want and they can do all that on your behalf. More importantly, they will have answers.  If you are looking for some place that you can rent out in the months that you aren't there, potentially as a vacation home, that is something you can discuss with the realtor you higher and it might even help them to narrow down the search results so that they only present to you homes that have multiple stories or sections that can more easily be delineator for vacation rentals versus your accommodations. 

Being a Secure Snowbird While Away From Your Getaway

You should consider these security system tips for your new home investment: 

  1. In addition to working with one realtor, you should work with one company for the professional services you need on the property. Find a locksmith ahead of time, so that when you are ready to move in and replace the locks on your Sunshine home for the winter, you already have a professional who is there to do what you want. In fact, you can talk to a locksmith ahead of time so that they know what types of things you are going to need when the time comes, that way you can save as much time as possible after you have signed on the dotted line.  
  2. In order to be a secure Snowbird while away from your new get away home, consider working with a locksmith to install updated security systems, including things like cameras which can cover the entirety of your new property and link directly back to your smartphone. This gives you a way to monitor the goings-on on your property no matter where you are. 
  3. You can also invest in systems which link to on-site security measures such as speaker systems so that a live security person who is monitoring the video feed for your home can speak to anyone who is around the property and shouldn't be there. This is usually enough to get people to leave who aren't supposed to be there or to resolve delivery issues. Alternatively you can hire security personnel to literally patrol the area at whatever frequency you prefer.


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