Think Realty Partner, Sonia Booker, Celebrates National Women’s Month and a Feature in O, Magazine

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Sonia Booker, an Atlanta, Georgia, real estate investor, held a “historic celebration” at the Sewell Appliance and Showroom in Sandy Springs, Georgia, on March 18, 2017, to celebrate national Women’s Month. Booker, who was recently featured in O, Magazine as one of the publication’s “Leading Women in Business,” honored a dozen women of all ages who “are defying the odds by building wealth and leaving their mark on the world.” The event was called “Self Wealth for Women” and, appropriately, those honored were first-generation homeowners, investors, and women who have, according to the selection criteria, “turned their passion into wealth.”

“These are big milestones,” Booker explained, adding, “It took discipline and sacrifice to reach these accomplishments, and these women should be celebrated.”

Her feature in O, Magazine, Booker said, “It’s pretty much a dream come true. My work has always been about how I can serve others. To know I’m doing this in a way that has a generational impact is pretty awesome.” The publication called Booker not only a “savvy wealth builder” but also described the entrepreneur, host of her own radio show and partners her Everything Real Estate conference with the Think Realty Expo, as “good at taking her own advice and embracing opportunities.” In the first few months of 2017 alone, Booker has co-authored a companion book to her volume, Self Wealth for Women, titled Self Wealth for Men, began developing a clothing line geared toward “wealth watchers,” and entered talks with television producers about creating a documentary series based on real estate successes and “wealth-building stories.”

Sonia Booker will be featured on Think Realty’s “Women to Watch in Real Estate” panel on April 29, 2017, in Dallas, Texas. Reserve your spot and the chance to meet her and her many influential colleagues at the Expo in person here.

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