An elite team of Think Realty investors, experts, and executives will travel to China next week for the Global Destination Investment Summit, an event co-hosted by Think Realty. Shanghai is home to one of Affinity Worldwide’s (Think Realty’s parent company) international offices. That office houses Affinity Investments, an investment firm dedicated to helping Chinese investors identify and invest in credible investment opportunities in the United States. The summit will last three days, during which approximately 400 Chinese investors will converge to hear from expert analysts, economists, and investment strategists about opportunities in the United States.

The event will include multiple keynote presentations covering topics including cross-border investing, real estate strategy under the current U.S. presidential administration, the opportunities and challenges involved in overseas investing, and the concept of “cultural tourism investments.” Chinese and American investors will also engage in a number of panels, round tables, and mixers designed to highlight both cultures to promote a better understanding of investment goals and, subsequently, better returns for parties who opt to work together.

“Our purpose with Affinity Investments and in co-hosting this event is to help investors in China find credible real estate investing education and credible investment opportunities in the U.S.,” said Affinity Worldwide president Eddie Wilson, who will be making the trip next week. “We are delighted that Think Realty is part of this opportunity.”

All participants, sponsors, presenters, and attendees, will benefit from close examination of investment strategy case studies, in-depth education on cross-border and cross-cultural investing and partnerships, and direct exposure to opportunities both at home and abroad. Think Realty will cover the event via multiple media venues, so watch for updates throughout the week.

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