Dallas, Texas – “We are all in different phases of stuck, and we need a bridge to productivity.” Robert Nickell, founder of REIVA, summed up his personal experience in real estate with these words. Nickell’s company offers the services of trained, dedicated virtual assistants (VAs) to real estate investors to free up investors to work on their businesses, spend more time with family, and maximize their productivity.

Nickell and a partner started rehabbing houses in 2008 in Dennison, Texas. “We did it all on every rehab,” he recalled. “From 2008 to 2011, we rehabbed one house at a time and I also kept my corporate job. Then, in 2011, I learned about wholesaling, and it was awesome. I no longer had to manage contractors, inventory, etc. and I was doing three or four deals every month. I quit my corporate job and soon found out running a business is just a little harder than I anticipated. I needed a solution.”

Nickell’s business partner at the time recommended he hire a VA to help him, but there was a struggle in that process as well. Nickell credits the difficulty, in part, to certain characteristics typical of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. “We all are very used to working hard in our day, and we’re all very concerned with who represents our business [other than us],” he said. “How many of you do everything better than everybody else? How many of you never think you’ll get where you’re trying to go? That is a good sign that you need systems!”

Nickell defines systems as extremely simple processes that anyone can use. He helps real estate investors break down their investing systems into processes that can be replicated by someone other than the investor. “What can a VA do for you? Anything on a phone or computer,” he said. “Real estate is transactional, so when you finish one deal, you have to do another one. Then you start all over again. Those processes can and should be broken down and replicated by someone else.”

Here is a short list of things Nickell’s company VAs do for real estate investors:

  • Marketing
  • Seller lead management
  • Analysis/comps
  • Social media management
  • Closing coordinator
  • Transaction coordinator
  • List building
  • CRM management
  • System documentation

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