In this blog post – from episode 25 of my video series “Real Estate Deal Talk”– I would like to share a little bit of insight about using technology as a tool to help you invest in real estate.

Among the best tools that I have found: Podio and Zapier.  I use these in conjunction with each other. Let me explain, briefly, how I use these two applications.

Let’s say I am a wholesaler. In that role, my primary functions are to find sellers and buyers, and then to bring the two together to close a deal. In the process, I am either going to assign my contract or I am going to do a double close.

Podio is an incredible resource to me in accomplishing that, and I can even create a couple of applications within Podio to structure my business accordingly.  In a future video, I’ll provide more of a “how to,” but for now I just want to get you started thinking about creating a business that you can run from anywhere in the world, especially if you are a wholesaler.

Now, if you are rehabber or developer, this is not as applicable a tool. But that is why you have expediters at the city and different people like that who are actually working for you. Nevertheless, it is still possible to get updates on a regular basis from these people, and if you are a wholesaler, you can get updates from contractors who are going out and quoting and bidding out jobs. You can get updates from appraisers. You can get updates from your attorney for the closing that just happened yesterday. They can put all this information into Podio on a per-file basis, and everybody has access to that. Check out Podio, and check out Zapier, and study that capability a little bit.

Here is an example of how I am doing this right now from a wholesaling standpoint. is something that is pretty near and dear to my heart. A lot of what I have been doing over the last couple of weeks is putting together a system where wholesalers can actually log in and submit their deals, and buyers can see those deals pop up in real time and bid on those deals right there on Podio. I have full functionality over all of that.  So we are bringing buyers and sellers specifically together.

If you are a wholesaler, and you want to get involved, check out You will find a lot of information about how you can get started in your own wholesaling business and more importantly how to use technology to your benefit.  

You can view episode 25 here:

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