Tameka Bryant, a national expert on real estate, is building what could be a game-changing resource for real estate investors. Her new business, Think Realty Real Estate Services, is a national brokerage designed with investors in mind.

“Although we do traditional real estate sales also, our agents are provided with training and exposure that allows them to better serve the investor client,” said Bryant, a Kansas City-based entrepreneur who has launched a series of successful real estate businesses.

Bryant entered the real estate field in 2004, after she and her husband both lost their jobs on the same day – their son’s birthday.

Starting from her kitchen table, she’s built a thriving career as a broker, an investor and a national trainer of agents. She literally wrote the book on real estate careers: “99 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate: Finding a Niche That Pays.” Think Realty Real Estate Services is just a natural evolution of her career.

In addition to agents trained to serve investors, Think Realty Real Estate Services offers greater access to off-market properties and a cloud-based platform that allows for faster, smoother transactions.

Bryant talked to Think Realty Magazine (whose parent company is affiliated with her new business) about how agents can empower investors – and why most brokerages aren’t providing that kind of service.

Why is it important for real estate investors to have a trusted Realtor or real estate agent – somebody they work with on a regular basis?

The importance of having a go-to real estate agent boils down to providing better customer service, focused attention to investor needs and adding a team player to the investor’s key network.

Our real estate agents provide value to the investor with expertise in areas such as contract negotiations, property and rehab management and locating off-market properties. 

Are you a residential real estate investor yourself? If so, how has being an investor helped you be a better Realtor?

Yes, I’m still a real estate investor, both commercial and residential. Currently, I own properties in five states. I’ve been an investor longer than I’ve been a Realtor. During my investment career, I’ve had lots of ups and downs and have learned quite a deal. This learning is passed on to all my clients, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes I made. 

Are there any misconceptions that real estate investors tend to have about Realtors and agents?

The biggest misconception investors tend to make about real estate agents is that they think agents are all created equal. Investors may not know that investor-focused agents have additional resources to help them build and maintain their portfolios.

Those resources include hard money and private lenders, group purchasing power, insurance discounts and so much more. The investors I work with are sometimes surprised that my team can handle everything from A to Z, and save them lots of time and money instead of them trying to do it themselves.

I love to tell the story of when I worked for a national investment group. They hired me to manage portfolios for 100 of their investors nationwide. My team and I had to find 10 properties to flip and/or buy and hold. My team managed everything, including acquisition, property management, Section 8 inspections, loan acquisition, closing, inspections and sales. That experience showed me that there was so much more that an agent could do to help investors.

Is there any advice you’d give real estate investors who are looking to find a great Realtor or real estate agent?

Investors can always call me and I can direct them to the best agents within our network. Or they can interview agents and ask questions pertinent to their business model, such as:

  • Do they access to off-market properties?
    How many investors are they currently working with?
  • Do they have supporting services in place, such as property management services and financing options?

Also, agents should never stop learning. The Investor Agent Certification is one I would recommend. It’s offered at the Think Realty Conference and Expos.

What do you enjoy about working in real estate?

Real estate is everywhere! And it allows me to be flexible in my business. There’s simply no other investment that is more accessible, easier to understand and even easier to get involved in.

What kinds of goals are you working on right now?

Currently, I’m focused on identifying the best agents for Think Realty Real Estate Services. We are open in three states (Missouri, Kansas and Georgia) and have two other states in process (Texas and Florida). So my days are full with training, education and onboarding new agents. 

What’s the best advice you ever got about real estate? 

The best advice I ever received about real estate was to take risks. Without risk, there’s no reward. I must say that purchasing my first property, sight unseen, was risky and crazy. However, it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made … and it was one of the first.

Want to learn more?

Visit www.thinkrealtyservices.com or call 816-398-7983. 

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