When Shannon White, an Atlanta-area wholesaler, flipper, and founder of the popular local Facebook group, “Ladies in High Heels Wholesale Houses 2,” first got started in real estate, it was for a very simple reason. “I needed more money coming in!” she said honestly. “At the time, I had a five-year-old daughter who wanted to be a little ballerina and I just didn’t have the money. I wanted to be Wonder Woman, step in and make it happen, and when I saw an infomercial about wholesaling I dialed the number and signed up for the local event.”

White attended the event, which was hosted by Ron LeGrand, considered by many to be among the highest-profile real estate “gurus,” and her career in real estate was launched, although not in the way you might expect. “You know they take you to the back of the room and try to ‘sell’ you. I didn’t have any money at all so I could not be sold, but that Saturday morning still changed my life,” she said. After the event was over, she sat down with LeGrand and went over a list of properties she had made in preparation for the event.

“I had a napkin in my hand and I had been writing down addresses [of potential deals]. He told me which steps to take first, and I wrote them on that napkin. Those steps got me into my first deal and I made $3,000. My life changed because he took the time to coach me at that moment.”

Since that event more than a decade ago, White has never slowed down in her real estate investing. She sat down with Think Realty Magazine to talk about how never writing things off can change an investor’s life.

THINK REALTY MAGAZINE We have to ask. What did you do with that first $3,000?

SHANNON WHITE I bought some investing courses with that money, and I’ve been in real estate ever since then. Everything in my life is different because Ron took the time to work with me even though I didn’t have the money to buy his courses, so I am always willing to sit down and work with new investors. No matter your circumstances, never assume there are no opportunities out there for you.

TRM How are you involved in real estate now?

SW I’m involved mainly in fixing and flipping, some property management, and wholesaling. I also designed a coaching program specifically for the mom that is sitting on the couch thinking, like I was, “What am I going to do? I don’t have any money. I can’t find a job.” My goal is to help people get to the next level in their life and always be a solution to someone else’s problem.

TRM There are a lot of real estate coaches out there. What makes you unique?

SW My students would probably say my personality and that I work really hard to get them results in 90 days. I’ll call my students early in the morning and say, “Hey girl, get up. What are you doing today? You don’t want to hear from me this early? Isn’t this what you told me you want to do? I’m going to push you to do it.”

I’m an accountability partner as well as a resource, and I will make you show up. Of course, I also answer questions and go over all the details of how to talk to buyers and sellers, understand repairs, work with contractors and private lenders, and access a list of local contacts that I use in my business.

TRM How does your Facebook group fit into all this?

SW “Ladies in High Heels Wholesaling Houses 2” was born in 2016. It’s a support group designed to help passionate women build profitable wholesale real estate businesses. The group is free to join, and we motivate, inspire, and train our members in a tribe setting full of entrepreneurial women. We do not allow any promotional posts in the group, but if someone posts a question I answer it publicly and thoroughly so that everyone can use the information.

Members post their own motivational content, tips from their own personal experiences, and sometimes details about deals that they are doing in case someone else wants to invest or can learn from it. My goal is to help as many members as possible start wholesaling houses as quickly as possible, but it’s also to support women in all areas of real estate and at all points in their journeys.

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