It isn’t glamorous, and it’s not met with intrigue or fervor at social gatherings. It sounds quite dull. However, if you saw the bank accounts of most mobile home investors, you might be compelled to find out more about this profitable investing method.

Many investments are risky. I’ve even heard you don’t get rich playing it safe. I’m here to disagree. Mobile home investing is one of the safest gambles you can make and yields some of the most reliable returns in your portfolio.

When you own a mobile home park, you own the land and rent the lots. Do you know the percentage of turnover? Compared to apartments that lose more than half their tenants, and have to find new ones regularly, only two per cent of mobile homes leave the park yearly.

There is not significant competition in the market for mobile homes. Rent doesn’t have to vary with new builds going in because restrictions prevent mobile home parks from being built almost everywhere now. While construction of apartments continues, mobile home residents aren’t likely to jump ship to another park that is newer and shinier. Their home is their home, and time has demonstrated that they tend to prefer to stay put.

Other real estate investments like office, retail, hotel, and industrial are not recession-proof. Offices and retail spaces are so dependent upon tenants and are seeing higher turnover based on the benefits of doing business online. Hotels come with fixed expenses that can’t be diminished when occupancy drops for a season or a night. If you lose one tenant, it could destroy all profitability.

In stark contrast to the alternatives, mobile homes and mobile home parks as an asset class are almost 100 percent recession-proof, with fixed costs kept very low and capital requirements being low. The tenant turnover is low, and the staffing requirements are minimal. This equates to consistency.

Consistency is key to keeping yourself solvent in today’s economic climate. If you are looking for the right investment, and you are willing to put in some effort, you can expect consistent returns when you invest in mobile home parks. Mobile homes are one of the most fail-safe methods of investing in the market and will continue to have strong positive returns. 

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  • Chimene Van Gundy

    Chimene Van Gundy is the mother of five children, and she runs and manages five different companies. She is known as the "The Mobile Home Millionaire" and “Queen of Mobile Homes” because she has fixed, flipped, and wholesaled more than 400 units to date in four years and in 11 states. She currently owns 20 mobile home parks and has taken her business international by rehabbing mobile homes in Ireland, where they are called “Holiday homes.” Chimene is on a mission to preserve the “last frontier of affordable housing for the U.S.” and is currently teaching others how to use these “little boxes that spit out cash” to change their lives and live the life of their dreams through her mobile home millions platform.

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