After a fierce bidding war, HGTV walked away with the deed to the old ‘Brady Bunch’ house used in the 1970s sitcom. The property, located in Studio City, California, was last sold in 1973 for $61,000. “The Brady Bunch” had ended the year before.

The property is reportedly the second-most photographed home in the United States after the White House. The property sits on one of the largest lots in the neighborhood and still has the 1970s decor. Although the purchase price has not been disclosed at this time, the property was listed at $1.85 million. Former *NSYNC member Lance Bass was one of those parties and announced via Twitter last week that he won the bid.

A Contentious Bidding War

According to Bass, his agent informed him that the estate had a corporate buyer wanted the house at any cost. Although Bass was originally “heartbroken,” he tweeted that he felt “used.” He lightened his tone after learning the buyer was Discovery Inc., which recently acquired HGTV. Bass responded to the news, “How can you be mad at HGTV?” and added, “I know you will do the right thing with the house. That was always my biggest worry. I can smile again.”

HGTV has not confirmed that its bid was in cash, but numerous media outlets have speculated it. The winning bid was described as “the highest, most qualified,” which could mean the purchase price was lower than Bass’ offer but made for cash. MarketWatch reporters Jacob Passy and Maria LaMagna observed, “The chances of making a winning bid are lower when the buyer is competing against someone making an all-cash offer.”

What Happens to the ‘Brady Bunch’ House Now?

According to Discovery Inc.’s CEO, David Zaslav, the property will now be part of one of their projects for HGTV. He added the company plans to restore the Brady Bunch home to its 1970s glory.

NPR noted that “megafans” might be disappointed that the interior of the home does not resemble the famous family’s home.  The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home with about 2,500 square feet of living space was not the actual set for the sitcom. The interior action was filmed in a Los Angeles studio.

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