The real estate investor who raised more than $2.1 million in just under three months after being “cut off” from the banks who had been lending on his projects will soon be teaching Triangle Area investors how use a new set of real estate investing secrets: his “Underground Strategy” for foreclosure investing. Jay Conner, a national speaker and leading expert on private lending, marketing, and business development will teach a session titled “How I Made $456,000 in 6 Months Using My Preforeclosure and 8-Letter Direct Mail Strategy” at the TREIA Conference & Expo powered by Think Realty on August 26-27, 2017. “Conner is a proven real estate investment leader who locates, buys, and sells multiple real estate deals even in the new economy,” said TREIA president Chuck Jürgens. Conner’s business associates go so far as to call him a “real estate magician [who] works seemingly magical deals for buyers and sellers alike.”

“When I got started investing, I did everything the wrong way,” Conner is fond of saying. Initially, he took a route probably familiar to many investors reading right now. Conner went to the bank, made large down payments, and took out several large loans with huge origination fees and monthly payments. He started doing deals and was successful as long as he played by the bank’s rules. Then, disaster struck when the market turned and the bank cut him off. He turned to another and, as it turned out, far superior resource: private lenders. “Private lending rocked my world and my real estate investing career!” Conner said of the experience, noting that he was able to raise $2.15 million in private money to keep his deals afloat after the bank cut off his financing.

Today, Conner and his wife and business partner, Carol Joy, rely heavily on automated systems in their real estate investing business because of the scale they have achieved thanks to their intimate understanding of private money, direct mail, and the foreclosure system. At the TREIA event, the two will expose the inner workings of their foreclosure tracking system to attendees, explaining how they locate foreclosures that no one else knows exist, how they track those potential deals, and how they close on the good ones long before other area investors are even aware of the potential profits. “Our direct mail campaign pulls in a whopping 57-percent response rate,” noted Conner, adding that he’ll explain during the training how to use those letters in your real estate investing business.

“We’re so excited to have Jay present at this event. He has already inspired so many investors to raise lots of money fast – and easily – for their deals, and I know this training could really change things quickly for a lot of Triangle area investors,” said Jürgens. Learn more about the TREIA Conference and Expo and view the entire agenda at

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