Bill and Dwan Twyford

Diversity is the key to being a successful Real Estate Investor. Investors Edge University is a family-owned business that prides itself on helping people. Our motto is: People Before Profits!

Whether we are teaching you on the national speaking arena or sitting down over coffee, we teach this business so you can help others in distress, too.

In the arena where most businesses are structured on profiting more while offering less; we stand tall with our main focus to offer help while also finding profitable deals.

Investors and homeowners alike can be like sheep without a shepherd. We all need direction! One of the questions we hear the most is where to start? You have to start with your goals to find what your motivation truly is. Hint: It’s never really about the money! What is your “why?”

Further than the monetary value and deeper than the “more-time, less-work” phrase there is something deeper that everyone wants. For us, it is helping people while building a generational business. Each deal is different and when you have done hundreds or thousands of deals you understand that none are exactly the same.

Our companies enjoy doing everything from long-term wealth creation; rentals in the Midwest, both residential and commercial; note buying; wholesaling; short sales; to high-class luxury rehab projects.

Real Estate Investing should be a business that you love and enjoy. Otherwise, you end up with another high-paying job that will burn you out sooner or later. If you are enjoying what you are doing you will not work a day in your life.

Take a look at one of our recent high-class renovations:


This house had great bones, but needed over $300,000 in investment to see the future we had planned. Radiant heat floors and 9’ by 32’ clear-span lanai doors now charm this mountain mansion for a one-of-a-kind home.




After: This house went from the hardship of foreclosure all the way to grace a new family with its presence.




















Pro Tip 1: You make your money on your purchase! Stop fighting on the MLS. Go find a homeowner in distress and help them get out of this terrible situation they find themselves in.

Pro Tip 2: The absolute best tip we can offer is to always do what is best for the homeowner. This is their one house a pivotal moment in their life! For you, another deal is always around the corner. Help them, profit from it, and give this house a fresh start for another family.


Will and Jessica Twyford

Why Investors Edge University?

Originally started by Bill and Dwan Twyford, their son and daughter-in-law, Will and Jessica Twyford (pictured here) are at the helm with them. Even their four-year-old granddaughter attends workshops.

They teach the information new and seasoned investors need to know to achieve huge milestones. For example, investing in “opportunity zones” is something, at this current moment, that is a great way to defer and save some money on your long-term investments.

They teach students with their hands-on approach which is why they have such loyal and successful students. Rest assured, the Twyfords will help you anytime you need it.

They also offer help to people who are in foreclosure. Their goal is to make sure homeowners get the fresh start they deserve.

They love to teach and show their students how to generate a serious career or multiply their retirements. On their custom rehabs they enjoy going way above and beyond all “The Home Depot” renovations that take over HGTV every day.

Helping people is the Twyfords passion! No matter what way you need help or guidance they will be there “for you and with you” every step of the way.

Come see them at their next workshop. We, at Think Realty, promise you will not be disappointed.

Come see the Twyfords at or Opt-in for a free real estate investing kit!

The Twyfords:

Bill & Dwan   |   Will & Jessica

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