As investors, we look at properties through different eyes than most. We see the flaws and the telltale signs of hard use and neglect, but we also see the potential. We understand the importance of thoughtful discernment. We know from experience that success is in the details and that the right upgrades are paramount.

Have you ever considered looking at your life with the same degree of discernment?

Are you open to investing in yourself and the people who give you purpose, love, and support? Have you ever looked in the mirror and decided you look as neglected as some of the properties you consider? Do you notice when someone needs your help and encouragement? If not, I want to challenge you to look at yourself and the people in your life as if they were a property you are considering as an investment.

Personally, consider your foundation. Has it shifted?

Is it as solid as it can be, or do you need to lift it up? Have you compromised your dreams as a result of neglect or indecision? Fence-straddling is the worst form of indecision. It is horribly uncomfortable and either way you lean, you are going to be off balance. Decide where you stand, and you will find yourself on a level foundation.

How are you maintaining your physical health?

Do you get plenty of sleep, exercise, and the best food choices possible, or do you run behind schedule, always trying to catch up by staying up late, grabbing fast food and skipping exercise? Just as a fresh coat of paint won’t fix a failing structure, a shower, and a splash of cold water to the face won’t mask personal neglect in the long run.

Do you enjoy a chaotic lifestyle?

Some folks confuse rushing busyness with productivity. Then again, some people are purposefully busy, and they schedule their days so they still have a life. The first folks feel harried, and their friends and family feel neglected. The purposeful crowd gets work done, marks out time in daily plans specifically for their family and friends, and finds time to do something for themselves. Daily goals make all the difference.

Have you considered the individuals you love most?

Do they feel your love and concern? Do you know the details of their lives, or are your potential deals stealing you away from them both emotionally and physically? Relationships and solid structures eventually crumble into dust when they are not given the attention they need. When you look deeply at your personal investment in the people you love and care about, do you see signs of neglect? Decide now to invest your time and attention where the rewards are greatest, nurture the potential of your relationships and you will end up with all the things money cannot buy.

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  • Julie Ziglar Norman

    Julie Ziglar Norman is a realtor with Prime Properties Realty. She believes in “Investing Simplified,” and may be reached at 817-233-8444 or

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